Meaning of Dux-Soup colours

Please note that the colour of the icon changes as you change the active tab and it acts as an indication for the active tab.

You will see this icon when you first download the Starter Edition of Dux-Soup

The red cross on Dux-Soup indicates that it cannot be initialized. If you see this icon, check if you are logged into Chrome with the same account as you are logged into the Chrome Web Store.

It indicates that you have successfully upgraded to the Pro version and now have access to all Dux-Soup features.

If your Dux-Soup is turquoise, this means that you are running Dux-Soup Turbo account and that your Dux-Soup robot is not running any automations (follow-ups will still be running in the background).

If the icon turns green, this means that Dux-Soup is ready to work. Normally, you will get a green pop-up saying “At your service” which means that Dux-Soup it is ready to run.

When you see Dux-Soup icon on its back, it means Dux-Soup is snoozing. It will normally flip over as well and if you click on the icon, it will also show you how long Dux-Soup is going to snooze.  To recap on how to fix the unexpected Dux-Soup snoozing, please read our blog post here

When you are running Dux-Soup (visiting, scanning profiles, etc.) the Dux icon will turn blue showing that all this work is in progress.

The icon turns grey when the extension is disabled. You need to switch the robot and the recorder on for it to start again.

The icon will also turn red, black or turquoise if the active tab is displaying a LinkedIn page that doesn’t contain a list of profiles (e.g. your LinkedIn homepage or company page) as Dux-Soup will only be able to scan or auto-visit on pages displaying a list of profiles, e.g. the LinkedIn search page or the list of your contacts.

It will turn green only when you perform a search on LinkedIn and have a list of people's profiles: