Error “On the last results page”, stopping robot

If you are getting the error "On the last results page, stopping robot" during auto-visiting, try these steps: 

1. Clear cache - open a new tab and point it to chrome://settings/clearBrowserData . Clear your browser cache and reboot your Chrome 

2. Disable any other Chrome extensions except for Dux-Soup  via: chrome://extensions.

Click on the switch to disable an extension and only leave Dux-Soup enabled. 

3. Reload Dux-Soup - you can do that by going to Options > User tab and hitting Reload at the bottom of the page 

4. Check if you run the latest Chrome version and update if needed: chrome://settings/help

5. Try setting the following flag to DISABLED on Chrome. 

First, open a new tab and enter chrome://flags/

In the search field, type in the names of the flags and click next to them to disable. 
The flag that need to be disabled is: "Stop  non-timer  task queues background"

Then, restart your browser and try using Dux-Soup again

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