Why is my Dux-Soup snoozing when I try to send connection requests?

The Regular Dux-Soup user interface users will not see this setting, your robot will simply snooze.

LinkedIn has introduced a new limit that stops LinkedIn users from sending more than 100 connection requests per week. More information here: https://www.dux-soup.com/blog/youve-reached-the-weekly-invitation-limit-message-from-linkedin

Dux-Soup can detect this limit and in turn, will snooze your Dux-Soup once this limit is reached.

The relevant settings are found in the Options, Throttling tab:

When this limit is reached Dux-Soup will no longer auto-visit profiles in LinkedIn if the connection request action is enabled in the 'Action' tab. 

For Dux-Soup Turbo users that are enrolling prospects via API or widget, failed connection requests will be rescheduled and re-added to a queue.