Shared Team Campaigns

Shared team campaigns are available for Turbo and Cloud users who have Monthly and Annual Turbo Team licenses.

Dux-Soup prevents team members from enrolling the same LinkedIn prospect into shared campaigns if they have already been enrolled by one team member. 

You can find shared campaigns in Dux-Dash.

Click on the Dux-Soup icon in your browser and go to Dux-Dash:

Then click on the Drip Campaigns menu:

From there, open or create a new campaign and tick the Team Campaign box:

After any changes are done to the campaigns, click on the Save button to save them.

Important information:

  • The Default campaign cannot be selected as a Team Campaign.
  • When multiple team members are using the same campaign they will not be able to enrol LinkedIn prospects that have been enrolled by one of the team members.
  • All Turbo Team license users can rename the Team Campaign and edit it.
  • The Funnel Flow will show individual data only.