Dux-Soup is not capturing profiles

1. Check your disk space

Make sure you have 10% of free space on your disk and proceed with using Dux-Soup again. It takes space to record profiles so always make sure you have enough capacity on your disk.

2. Disable other extensions

As you’re probably using Chrome browser on a daily basis, it can get quickly clogged up with various extensions. Some of them may interfere with Dux-Soup and cause unnecessary errors. If you are using any LinkedIn extensions (especially the ones that add HTML widgets to the profile pages), it’s highly advisable to disable them as they may be the reason why Dux-Soup is not working properly.

Follow these steps to disable other extensions on Chrome:

  1. Open a new Chrome tab and paste chrome://extensions, or click on the three buttons in the top-right corner of the window. Choose More Tools > Extensions  

  2. Disable the extensions by clicking on the switch

Make sure you disable all other Chrome extensions except for Dux-Soup. Don’t worry, you won’t lose the extension you have just disabled. You can re-enable it anytime by going to More Tools>Extensions in Chrome.

3. Check your Dux-Soup settings

Available with the Expert user interface, not on the Regular/Simplified interface.

If you notice that Dux-Soup is capturing just some of the profiles and there is some information missing from the downloaded file, it’s better to check your settings.
Let’s go to Dux-Soup Options > Throttling to check if the robot is not running too fast. If the robot runs too fast, it may not capture all the profiles and you will be left with some missing data.

For the best user experience, you need to choose the random speed which is visiting between 25 and 125 profiles per hour. 

Also, try increasing the load time by going to Options>Browser and selecting the loading time to take over 10s.