Dux-Soup is not sending invites, how to fix it?

There are a few scenarios of why Dux-Soup is not sending invites. 

Scenario 1:

You have not selected the option to send out connection requests on Dux-Soup. ( Enrolling does not need to have this option turned on).

Sometimes it happens and you may have forgotten to enable the invitation sending to 2nd and 3rd-degree connections.

To check if your settings are right, click on the Dux-Soup icon in your browser and head over to Dux-Soup Options. Make sure both boxes are ticked under Automated Actions.

Scenario 2

Another reason why the invites are not being sent might be too many pending invites. 

All you need to do in this case is to clean your pending invitations. Go to your LinkedIn account and click on My Network in the top Menu. Select ‘Manage All’ and click on ‘Sent’ invitations as shown below:

  1. Click on “My Network” 

  2. Click on “Manage all”

  3. Choose “Sent” to access your sent requests

If you see that you have over 300 pending invites, that’s way too many and your inbox needs to be cleared. You can either perform this manually one by one by clicking “Withdraw” next to the invite; or you can bulk mark the invites and withdraw them.

You can also use Dux-Soup pending invitation withdrawal function.

Scenario 3

You have reached your weekly LinkedIn invitation limit. If you see this indicator when trying to send connection requests, this means that you will need to wait until the next week to continue connecting:

Scenario 4

Too many people declined your connection request and your account has been flagged. If a prospect declines your invite by marking you as “I don’t know”, LinkedIn will treat this as spam, and if you receive 5–7 of these, your account might get restricted.

To check that, try sending an invitation manually and see if it works. If you get a screen like this, it’s a sign that your account has been ‘flagged’:

Unfortunately, Dux-Soup is not able to bypass this restriction and will have to wait until it’s lifted. You need to clear your pending invites via https://www.linkedin.com/mynetwork/invitation-manager/sent/ - it can take anywhere from 48 hours for 30 days for the restriction to be removed automatically by LinkedIn.